UFO and Dream Visit

grey sky50 YEARS AGO
October 31, 1968
Mrs. Rod McGill of Wadena
phoned Tuesday to report a strange
but beautiful object her family
and her neighbors had seen in the
east and southeast sky late Monday
night. Green and red lights were first
observed by daughter, Mavis, as she
went into the dark station office to
answer the phone. She called her
mother to have a look. They watched
it through binoculars and saw an
object outlined with twinkling red,
green and white lights. Sometimes
it seemed the shape of a kite and at other times was round in appearance. -Reprinted from “Looking Back,” in Wadena News

WiseWebWoman, last night I came to visit you via dream. You were knitting and had half-a-dozen women friends in your suite. To smoke a menthol cigarette, I leaned out the open window; the ground was all wet black soil. I looked forward to the next day when I’d get to see the colourful houses in St. John’s; I was excited to be in Newfoundland, and was a little worried that the local yokels would want to screech me in.

Secret Agent Woman, the scam letter included the password. Next time I receive one of those emails, I’ll post it here so y’all can see how nasty it is.


One thought on “UFO and Dream Visit

  1. I have dreamed of blog buddies too but very rarely. Yours was so vivid. Definitely searching for new landscapes, not just physically but metaphorically is my take and the menthol is symbolic of more purity/clarity in your vision. The window reinforcing that.
    What a validating dream!


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