Mysterious Noise in the Dark

across road

To get away from any possible traffic, I just go across the road into the old homestead quarter.

Last night when I let Duckie out and stood on the step, a large animal could be heard moving through the dry cattails back by the dugout. Absolutely nothing was visible because the moon was blocked by clouds. Do you think that damn chihuahua, My Great Protector, would come back when I called him to safety? Hell no; whatever was out there, he was barking and getting between me and it. My guess: probably a moose. Thank goodness they don’t eat dogs.

We’ve been getting scam emails from a pathetic dweeb who somehow got hold of an old password I once used online. The fact that the sender has that password made me read the first email (and has made me think it’s probably well past time I changed all my passwords, as the experts advise us to do every month — yet who actually does?), but the threats to send to all my contacts video of me “doing dirty things” while watching porn onscreen … well, have at ‘er, doofus! I might do “dirty” things, but never in front of my computer! Usually it’s at the kitchen sink, scrubbing garden potatoes. My life is so exciting.

Anyone else getting these kinds of email? They come from a different address every time so alas it seems impossible to block them. Even though they aren’t to be taken seriously, they are kind of sickening.

Kate, you know what? At this blog, some readers never, ever leave a comment. I’m shocked (and delighted) when someone I meet mentions they’re a regular visitor. One thing it’s taught me is not to count on reader responses to convince me it’s worth doing. That said, I make a point of leaving a comment once in a while on any blog I like, because I know firsthand how encouraging it is to the writer. Nice to know you’re here!

Thanks to all of you who checked out Quirkeries for me. Clicking on “Link to This Post” opens up the comments for reading and responding. Strange and whodathunk, but true.


7 thoughts on “Mysterious Noise in the Dark

  1. “have at ‘er, doofus!”

    LOL! Kate you crack me up sometimes. I don’t think I am getting any of those emails, but I might be, I don’t read anything but the subjects, and if I don’t recognize the sender, out she goes, into the trash and onto the spam filter list. I”ve had some doozies in my time, unbelievable what some people will try on.

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  2. A friend of mine got that same scam email- I haven’t had the pleasure…. yet. I do get plenty of scam texts and I just want to text back F%#^ off, pathetic loser! But I’m afraid;) heehee….. what’s wrong with people anyway?

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  3. Hey, I’ve been getting those same sick spam emails too. What the hell?? Wish we could all gang up on that dweeb as you call him.
    Not very many know about my blog so I don’t expect comments but it is nice to get them. Readers sometimes email me instead of commenting on the blog. But, like you, I figure no one reads what I write and every now and then I get a face to face comment about what they’ve read or how they enjoy it.

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  4. I may not read it the day you post but catch up some times after I’ve been away from the house with your blog. I like what you post and how you think. Much like myself and we are at the same age. Things are changing now for me it seems. I like to hear how others are handling things. I just enjoy your “me”. You are a good soul.

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