Mid-Morning Moment


This ruffed grouse is watching me carefully as I approach; then suddenly it takes off. I’d like to be like Francis of Assisi so birds weren’t afraid of me and I could get a closer look. This is the best I could do: zoom in with my phone’s camera. Not very satisfying!

It’s turned into beautiful fall weather and most of the crops around the area are now off. At night though, standing on the step waiting for Duckie Doodle, I do hear machinery in the distance; and the occasional traffic seems louder, rumbling past the yard, now that the leaves are gone. It hasn’t been warm and pleasant enough to inspire me to cut down the dead perennials yet, and maybe it won’t be before spring. The fire “pit” is still loaded, waiting on the front lawn to be lit.

One snow-covered morning about a month ago I looked out the living-room window and saw a dark black patch within the bushy green leaves of a peony. It was Kizzy Cat laying in silent wait for a bird. Just then a nice fat grouse came strolling out from the side of the house, only feet away from him. I rapped on the window to scare it off but that didn’t have the hoped-for effect. I sprinted over to the front door, opened it and hollered; that did the trick. The bird was up and off.

I was still in my housecoat but threw on a winter jacket and boots, grabbed the secateurs and tramped over to the flower bed beneath the three oaks. Squatting in the snow, I chopped down all the peonies. Necessity forced me to do what should’ve already been done.

Thanks for the tip, Lorraine; I’ll poke around the Amazon website. Might be driving my mother-in-law to a medical appointment in Yorkton later this week and if so so will look there first. It’s always preferable to shop hands-on for Emil’s coats, especially when guessing how warm something will be in our winter weather; Emil walks so slowly between vehicles and buildings. He’s got a “primary caregiver,” Tracy, who does a great job of clothes-shopping, so I leave most of it up to her now. As much as possible I leave his affairs to her because someday I won’t be here. She’s 20 years younger than me so I hope she will be, assuming she stays in this job. She’d even take him to medical appointments in the city; it’s not as if I have to do it anymore. Had I not been able to muster the courage to drive last week, he would simply have had to pay several hundred dollars for the trip. This way he saved a few bucks.

Mary, yes, the Bess is one of the railway hotels. They say it’s haunted.

(Speaking of which: new entry in the sidebar.)


3 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Moment

  1. One time a wild duck let me pick him up. I was feeding and sitting amongst a few hundred ducks and one came up to me. He was so close that I picked it up and gently held him on my lap while feeding him. After a few minutes he hopped down and waddled away.

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  2. I wish I could find outdoor clothes that worked as well in keeping me warm as our duvet. I just thought that statement through and realized that the duvet is indoors and outdoors clothes are outdoors. I still hold to that wish though.

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  3. Glad you have plans for Emil.
    I have a friend who has yet to find the right set up. A place to be and a person who is responsible for her daughter who is 24.

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