Downtown Saskatoon


downtown 1

The office tower where Emil and I had to go is right behind this sign for the Sheraton Cavalier. I dropped him off in the loading zone under that sign on the lamp post and drove around till someone vacated their parking space. Directly across the street is the majestic Bessborough Hotel on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River.  



The Bess (pronounced Bez), where Joni Mitchell stays when she comes to town. I don’t think she does anymore, since both parents are gone and she herself is recovering from a serious aneurysm.


When the appointment was over, Emil thought he’d prefer it if I picked up the car and collected him at the front door, but I made him walk. We’d done enough sitting already and it was a mild, sunny day. And the car was only a block away.

downtown 2

On Spadina Crescent, which runs along the river bank.

This is Emil in his winter coat. He needs a new one. Not only is there a big tear at the seam of one of the arms — due to the stress caused by the inflexibility of his gross motor skills as he dons clothing — but he has torn the pockets to shreds as he stuffs his mitts and tuques into them. Usually I take his coats to the local seamstress, who sews in some stretch material for more give, but I must not have done that with this one. That day the zipper also screwed up. We should’ve gone shopping but I couldn’t wait to get out of the city, nor bear the idea of navigating a mall parking lot’s density, nor the forever it would have taken to walk around with Emil, who is not speedy.

downtown 3

Right next to the Bess there is an outdoor rink and in this building people can put on their skates. This is a popular spot in the winter. Well, the riverbank and park are popular year-round.


Cara‘s comment about driving in Tulsa reminds me of what the young man who fixed Emil’s AFOs said. I mentioned being unnerved by the city traffic and he said he lives outside the city so that he has to drive the busy streets as little as possible to and from work, which is at the edge of the city. Now this is a young man speaking, so maybe my distaste for the traffic isn’t all down to my advanced age. He noted that drivers consistently seem to travel above the speed limit and honk at you if you don’t do the same.

We also talked about the housing developments that have been spreading incredibly quickly, far beyond the city perimeters. When Scott and I pass them, we always wonder who is buying and living in all these large new houses and what do they do for a living, that they can afford them. The young man informed me that most of them are empty because people can’t afford them, but the developers keep on building.

Mary, how I used to hate having to cart laundry to a shared laundry room, but oh isn’t it a great enforced bit of walking! and I always think any walking is good walking. I might be my grandmother’s granddaughter, there.

Here I cart the full basket down stairs that have a wall partway but no railing as yet. I’m careful to take my time. Of course every load requires three trips down and up the stairs before it’s completed. I’m fit and have no knee-joint problems but I do hate dark, dank basements. I keep suggesting Scott build a laundry room in our large porch someday but he is dead set against it, his reasoning being something to do with drainage and the manner in which the house and foundation are situated and constructed. I can’t argue with that but can only hope that his “small but powerful brain” comes up with a solution.

When Gord, my ex and now my dear friend, was here for coffee a couple weeks ago — he’d come from St. Albert (Edmonton area) to spend the weekend with Emil and Everett — I told him I still employ some of his words and terms frequently. “Small but powerful brain” is only one of them. Others in frequent use are “Shnipsy,”  “Girlysue,” and “reindeer games,” as in “I don’t want to play your … .” Aspects of time spent with lovers stay with us long after, don’t they!


3 thoughts on “Downtown Saskatoon

  1. That looks like an old railway hotel, is it?
    Speaking of laundry rooms, my very favourite was in my last house on the second floor near all the dirties.
    I was in Regina Sask once for a wedding but never Saskatoon, looks like a manageable town but I hear ya on the shopping, I positively hate it.


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