Rundown of an Event-free Saturday


Farmbeau rode a tractor home and here he’s on his way in for a quick lunch (tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes), which he made himself while I putzed around … doing what? Don’t remember. Always something but can never remember what, afterward. No wonder the days seem to disappear. Pic taken through kitchen window, screen and all.

My day?

Slept in past 8, slow to wake up, got my single cup of coffee and read in bed for a while, propped up with a bio of Eudora Welty. Read news online, caught up on a couple favourite blogs, posted a photo to Instagram. Texted with Joan and Cathy, out to barn to feed cats, walk to end of driveway, turned back because of cold wind. Took some pots off the step, refilled the bird feeders, came in and did dishes, rinsed tomatoes to ready for chopping, made a cauliflower-pasta casserole for supper, threw in last night’s baked chicken drumsticks for Scott.

Saw two movies: Goodbye Christopher Robin, and My Dinner with Herve. Both good. Caught a few scenes from Florence Foster Jenkins and laughed my ass off, like every time. Wish Mom was alive to see it; hope Karen watches someday. The horrible singing will either drive her crazy so she won’t stand it and be able to watch, or make her laugh like it does me. Reta, watch it if you get a chance! It’s a true story, too.

Last night I saw Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance in A Bridge of Spies. I like movies based on true stories. Makes sense, since I like biographies and memoirs. Would probably watch anything with Rylance or Hanks in it, except for horror and thriller stuff or violence, which don’t entertain me. Nor do action movies, which I find boring. Car chase? Fight scene? Snore.

The British detective series New Tricks starts in five minutes and I’m killing time till then. Scott’s already been asleep for an hour. Had a long hard day, by the look of him. At least he didn’t come in frozen like last night, when even a hot bath didn’t warm him up.

Clearly a lazy kind of day for me, and usually there isn’t this much decent TV on. What the hell, it’s the weekend. A layabout Saturday is called for once in a while. I almost hate to admit that this is all I did, but then again … it suited me to a T.

Cara, your instructions appear to have done the trick! The Documents folder isn’t quite where I wanted it, but it’s now located in a close-second spot that will save me steps. Thanks!


One thought on “Rundown of an Event-free Saturday

  1. Love the oil painting quality of that pic. My Saturday is uneventful too. Laundry which is a pretty interactive event as I have to get dressed because of The Ladies, and tow my laundry down the halls to the laundry room/gym. It’s free but The Rules state we can only use one machine at a time. To be fair. So it’s a lot of walking back and forth, timers, etc.
    Exciting? Can’t beat it.


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