Readin’ ‘n’ Ritin’


No matter how “in my face” my necklaces are, it’s rare to remember to wear one. These are hanging right beside the bathroom mirror and I still forget.

I don’t think of myself as a writer. People have told me I am one, ever since I was a child. “You have such an imagination!” they’ve said. “You should write a book!” they’ve said.

But here’s the thing. I’m not dying to tell stories. I’m not even particularly opinionated, at least not compared to writers I’ve heard interviewed. Oh sure, I have beliefs and make judgments, but I doubt they’re unique or that expressing them makes much difference to anyone, most of the time.

What I am is a reader. I expect basic writing skills come naturally to avid readers. I like writing (that must be obvious), yet I don’t look at it as a craft I’m trying to improve at.

But what if I did? I’m not working a lot at the moment and have time on my hands. What if I dedicated one hour a day to letting my imagination go? Just to see what happens, what comes up if I sit in this chair and let it.

From time to time I post something in “Blondi’s” section there in the sidebar, where you’ve seen the odd “Overheard” conversation or slice of life “At the Cafe.” Entries there are deleted when a new one is posted, and those will be sporadic, so click on the bar and scroll down a little if you don’t want to miss anything.

I’m often embarrassed, later, when I read something fictional I’ve posted, because to me the author voice simply doesn’t ring true. I read a lot. I know when an author is unable to get out of the way and the reader is always aware she’s there. This is what I’m trying to avoid and, it seems to me, failing at. If I were to get serious about polishing it up, any editor worth her salt would be advising extensive deletions and making numerous suggestions regarding action and conflict and characterization and so on. I know this and am not trying to kid myself.

However if I can’t show you guys my plodding imperfections, what am I doing here? Isn’t this what I already do in my daily blogging? Except front and centre here I’m telling the truth (not the whole truth due to consideration of privacy; but no lies), while in Blondi’s story I’m fictionalizing truth and having fun making stuff up.

What’s there today was written a while ago so I was able to go back and look at it from some distance, and it seems okay. Not exciting or anything to be proud of, but okay. Not edited or rewritten, but okay for present purposes. This blog has new readers all the time, so I hope those of you who’ve been around a while and seen something similar don’t mind the rerun.  I’ll post newer stuff as I go, when I think any of it might be worth the light of day.


3 thoughts on “Readin’ ‘n’ Ritin’

  1. I know that some of the bloggers I follow are specifically blogging as writers. I’m not. I enjoy the process but it’s not an identity thing for me. Then again, I don’t really do fiction (write it, I mean – I definitely read fiction).

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  2. Yes, your writing is unique – only you writes like you. There’s readers out there looking for and needing to hear your voice. You’re an avid reader. Some of what you read connects and resonates with you, doesn’t it. What if they hadn’t written those words? You would have missed out. Some people are missing out if you don’t listen to the “what if’s” and you don’t get your words and your voice out there.So yes, I think it matters! Maybe it’s been said before, but it sure as hell hasn’t been said your way.

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