Burnt Muffins

The shelf beside my desk. Someone doesn’t like it. My response: “Where do you think all that stuff would be, then?” It’s a mess, but handy.

Lorna, I think Bonzo’s a monkey and Bedtime for Bonzo is a movie starring Ronald Reagan (oh, and a monkey). Might be wrong.

I made muffins — my go-to muffin recipe. I used paper liners to avoid all the scrubbing and scouring required after just greasing the tins. And the bottoms burnt. Why? Why, I ask you! Dammit.

I went online to see why this might be. They never burn when I don’t use cupcake liners.

Oh — Oh! Plus I had to bake them an extra five minutes so the toothpick would come out dry!

I didn’t find an answer, but learned that if you have a problem burning the bottoms or sides of your muffins, try putting your muffin tin on a cookie sheet or into another muffin tin before baking.

The last thing I did before going to bed last night was open the oven door and discover that the rack had somehow been situated on a level lower than the centre. That is probably the reason for the burnt bottoms. Don’t ask me how the rack got there. Next time I’ll pay closer attention.

*** ***** *** ***** *** ***** *** ***** *** ***** ***

I wish there was something more interesting to write about. I don’t share dramatic details in the lives of my close friends. This isn’t the place for airing private conflicts or grievances either, though we all have ’em. Don’t believe for a moment that I don’t, just because I come across all Pollyanna here with nothing more disheartening to live with than the burnt bottoms of some muffins which, after all, are still perfectly edible. The political rise of redneck hatefulness around the world is a concern but not one worth expounding upon or debating; there’s more than enough of that in the news and social media and I have nothing new to add. I remind myself that getting worked up over it makes no difference whatsoever. As a matter of fact, getting worked up over anything doesn’t seem to move one ahead in any direction. I’m trying to focus on the here and now right in front of me, and on not resisting it but accepting it as it is. I’m not so good at that. Mostly I have to practise being patient with myself.


4 thoughts on “Burnt Muffins

  1. You’ve inspired me (nearly) to post my own shelves of shame. Not that I feel shame but those tidies in my life might cringe and offer help. I can find everything as I love visibility of all my accouterments. Which brings me to my kitchen with its cabinet doors, very irritating. My yarns however have full frontals.

    I am anonymous for a reason, front row seat at dramas and observations of humanity, tho when my anonymity is cracked and it has been I run for the hills but it doesn’t stop me.

    As to politics, I’m suffering massive exhaustion and this feeling of helplessness lingers. Honestly I feel the US election is going to be rigged anyway, suppression is just the beginning.


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