Oooh It’s Cold Out There

In the corner cupboard

Secret Agent Woman, I haven’t been to Cuba but I have a Buena Vista Social Club with Ry Cooder CD; love it. Must dig it out!

I’ve been going through rotations of about eight CDs since lugging the old ghettoblaster upstairs, clearing a space for it, and plugging it in. What a pleasure it is to listen to my old favourites again. We have the Klipsch speaker sitting on the fridge, but I still haven’t gotten into using it. I had no luck uploading my CDs into my laptop either, Alex, but I think that’s because I didn’t give them enough time and thought it wasn’t happening. I’ll try again one of these days. It would be nice to get rid of that giant black box sitting on the coffee table in the living room.

On top of the stack this morning was one of Dennis Lakusta’s CDs, and as I sing along I realize I was lying when I said I don’t hear lyrics. In Lakusta’s songs, I sure do. They’re beautiful and true and so are the melodies. Online I don’t find my many favourites to easily share, but here are some of his. You can sample a few.

“Thanks for putting that on, Mom,” Emil says as he wipes the table after his breakfast. “It was nice of you.”

“I do try to be nice,” I reply. I did put it on knowing that he in particular would like it. But so do I, as I get ready to go out the door.


2 thoughts on “Oooh It’s Cold Out There

  1. I am grateful for my Ipod and my Bose speaker and my endless playlists. I loaded all CDs on there about 10 years ago. Still going strong and I download regularly from Itunes to add to my collection. And everything’s backed up automatically.
    I like the simplicity of it all and I can play it in my car too and as background for performances.


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