Turn My Crank

One time when preparing for a romantic interlude, I suggested to Scott that he put on some sexy music. I forget what he played — something forgettable? — whatever it was, it wasn’t “sexy.” It didn’t create or add to an intimate mood, at least not for me.

What is sexy music, then? I guess it’s different for everyone.

An example of my tastes can be heard by listening to this video. Ooh la la. If it doesn’t make me want to slow-dance with my partner, nothing does.

You’ve heard this from me before — I’m assuming you’ve been reading my blogs for the past 20 years, but I don’t mind repeating myself when it’s something as important as this: sound that ignites passion.

Or does it? I mean, for you. No question it fires me up. What does it for you?


Speaking of romantic interludes, check out Blondi’s latest “Overheard.” Click on the bar.


2 thoughts on “Turn My Crank

  1. Melody doesn’t do much for me, but there is a similar singer, Norah Jones, as in Don’t Know Why (I didn’t come); wow she is even talking about her aspiration to orgasm haha! I love Norah more and she also uses that airy tone.

    But for getting fired up, I will have to think about it and do some experiments. Right now, I’d have to say I have no sexy music and that is something to look into.

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  2. Oh yeah music does it for me. I remember Diane Krall having me in pieces with “A case of you” even tho I was familiar with Joni’s version, after all she wrote it. But it never had this effect. A lot of Ella’s from before my time too, had a profound effect.


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