Nothing Much

snow againSoft little snowflakes fell against my face last night as I stood out on the step in the dark, waiting for Duckie to come back to the house.

It has snowed so many times this fall that I’ve lost count. Even though it always melts within a day or two, the air is hard-cold and I’m already wearing leggings under my jeans, and mitts or gloves on my hands, and a down or winter jacket when outside. One afternoon I pulled ear muffs out of my pocket while walking down the road, and put them on.

Some of the potted plants froze numerous times but remained green and healthy-looking. If they’re that tough they deserve to be brought indoors for the winter, so one sunny afternoon I transplanted the lavender (which, strangely, never amounted to anything this summer) and the rosemary into smaller containers that could sit on a window ledge. Maybe now the lavender will actually grow and bloom. Outside, it barely survived.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. It is sunny here today but I am dreading the long, dark and rainy fall and winter. Blah

    My lavender didn’t get to excited about blooming this year either. My azalea didn’t bloom at all.

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