Quick Note Before TakeOff

emil reading to me

I have to sit next to Emil when he reads to me and he keeps turning his head to make sure I’m paying attention, and if I’m not, he commands me to. This photo is taken in his room at the group home.

Lorraine, yes let’s do lunch!

Birdie, I have the whole set of those Mottoware dishes and will post a couple more photos tomorrow. I don’t know much about them but Aunt Reta, if you do, please chime in!

I’m told some regular readers are unable to comment here —


now where was I before that notice popped up on my screen — oh yeah, people unable to comment. I don’t know why that is but I have similar problems on other blogs sometimes and none of us seems to know the cause, just like I don’t understand why the message I have written for readers who want to comment (it should show above the comment box) does not appear anymore like it used to.

Last time I had trouble with this blog I posted a question to a forum and got some help that way. They said the template I’m using is very old and has bugs but because of the age they don’t do anything to fix them. So there’s that.

Anyway, you can always email me at stubblejumperscafe@gmail.com.

Also, I don’t reply to your comments right after the comment. If a reply seems called for, I include it in a followup entry.

All for now, I have to get to Margo to pick up Joan and go visit the aunts and uncles.


5 thoughts on “Quick Note Before TakeOff

  1. I too have a very old (and free) WordPress template. So far I’m getting comments but your post makes me wonder if it will give up the ghost one of these days. Oh well, such is life, in real and in the internet.

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  2. There needs to be a new place to host blogs. WordPress is buggy but I can’t even write a post on Blogger at all on my iPad.

    I wonder what it is like to be Bill Cosby today? Is he still thinking he is going to be set free? Piece of garbage.

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