Someone Like Me

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Editor Diana Athill wrote a memoir when she was in her eighties and I started reading it this morning. Methinks she and I have a few things in common.

‘Although for all my life I have been much nearer poor than rich, I have inherited a symptom of richness: I have a strong propensity for idleness. Somewhere within me lurks an unregenerate creature which feels that money ought to fall from the sky, like rain. Should it fail to do so — too bad: like a farmer enduring drought one would get by somehow, or go under, which would be unpleasant but not so unpleasant as having blighted one’s days by bothering about money. Naturally I always knew that one did in fact have to bother, and to some extent I did so, but only to the least possible extent. This meant that although I never went so far as to choose to do nothing, I did find it almost impossible to do anything I didn’t want to do.’ -D.A., Stet


I have a deadline to meet at noon today so have been working over the weekend. Joan arrived at Karen’s yesterday and leaves tomorrow, so I’m about to finish up my file and go spend the rest of the day with the two of them. The snow is almost all gone but its heralds, the large flocks of snow geese, have begun arriving from the north. It’s a cool, grey, wet morning.


3 thoughts on “Someone Like Me

  1. I love Anthill and enjoyed that book so much. Snow? Dear goddess. Here it is on the side of balmy tho Ottawa is having a fierce time of it indeed.


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  2. Thanks for sharing about this memoir Kate. I’m going to look it up as soon as I comment here. That’s what i love about memoir, it’s how we can connect with the people we read about and what we learn from other people’s lives. Love that. Sounds like the weather is not too great there either. I can build a fire here if you want to come over.

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