Consciousness, Dead Pets, Lady Bladders

journal opening pages

I’m no artist, but I love other people’s graphics and photos. These are now inside the front pages of the blank book you gave me, Sandy.

Very interesting interview on CBC’s “Ideas” program, which I’m listening to via podcast but you can hear here:

Please note that at the bottom of the article about the program there is a short bio of the scientist who’s being interviewed. Take a look at that, too. before deciding not to give serious consideration to this man’s theories. I’d love to know what you’re thinking after you’ve listened to it.

Birdie, there is no real comparison between losing a pet and a child. The grief is real, but surely different. My sister Karen was verklempt for months after one of her sweet little Yorkies tried to swallow a sharp piece of bovine hoof that instead stuck into the roof of her mouth and killed her. I know we’ll shed tears and miss the little fella when Mr Doodle goes to the great Dog Park in the Sky. The love between people and their animal companions can go pretty deep. I don’t think a special dog’s passing would make me want to die myself; but if I lost one of my kids? Pretty sure it would take a supreme effort of will to go on, and it would be a long time before I’d smile again.

Beth, I do try to drink enough water. It means I’m constantly running to the bathroom as if the liquid goes right through. Bev said that’s one thing the mineral supplements minimized, for her. I’m hoping, because it about drives me ’round the bend. I go so often that I keep a book next to the toilet to help me feel positive about all those trips: at least I’m making my way through a library book even if only 30 seconds at a time.


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