No Tarot for Now

bass and umbrella

bass and umbrella

When it comes to reading tarot cards, I do it in fits and starts. For some months I’ll faithfully do a one-card draw every morning, post it with my interpretation, and think about it off and on during the day when I walk into the office and see the card itself propped up on a shelf beside my desk.

My habits are easily broken, though. This time it was dropped when I made my trip to Alberta last month. I haven’t gotten back into it and am not missing it yet. I hope you aren’t either.

I’m just as bad with my yoga practice, my bass guitar, my piano, my walking. You name it. I will never be a disciplined person. I’ll always fall short — eventually — of my best intentions. I’m not like my sister Joan, who, when she says she’s going to do something, does it. Nope. I might do it, but just for a while. Just till I change my mind, lose interest, forget, get lazy.

Love it or hate it, that’s me. It’s no wonder I insist on accepting myself the way I am. Otherwise I’d be beating myself up all the time.


3 thoughts on “No Tarot for Now

  1. Seems like I’m always catching up with you! Delightfully I should add. Fortunately in my car I have bluetooth which is handsfree and I can see on my car screen who’s calling.

    I like how you don’t use “my”. I try to avoid it. With dear departed Ansa I called her my companion which she was but inwardly I thought she’d refer to me likewise in doggy language.

    I don’t think I could face 16 lane Toronto anymore and I always prided myself on my city driving. NL has ruined me.


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