Lotsa Quotation Marks

On the night table

Just as you will never hear me calling myself the “mom” of a cat or the “grandma” of a dog, you won’t hear me call a kitchen “my” kitchen. I don’t do “my” dishes or clean “my” kitchen, as many (particularly women) seem to think of these things. I’ll do “the” dishes and clean “the” house.

I’m fond of dogs and cats, some of whom I consider dear friends, but they’re not my children or grandchildren and I don’t think of them that way or find it amusing or sweet. You go ahead and be the mama of your “fur baby” if it sounds right to you. You aren’t alone! One hears this all the time nowadays.

These uses of language don’t come naturally to me. I must be one of those “sticklers.” It must be admitted, though, that I often catch myself calling Duckie Doodle “Everett.”


After dropping Emil off at the group home on Sunday afternoon, I started my car and the radio came on.

“The United States is under terrorist attack.”

I froze behind the steering wheel. Not again … noooooooo!

“Two planes have flown into the World Trade Center towers … ”

They were only using this — a flashback — as an introduction to a current story. Whew. Thanks for the heart workout, CBC Radio.


Here’s another flashback, this time from the “Looking Back” page in the Wadena News:

September 19, 1918
The women on the land at present
number hundreds of thousands.
Their chores are innumerable and
they have to hold their own kitchens.
There is plenty of room for war
service on the part of town girls who
want to help farmers’ wives. Helping
the farmers’ wives this year is just as
important as any other war work that
women can take up.


Lorna, that’s a serious fine, $500! Maybe fines here are higher than I think. I’m of a mind to turn my phone off while driving or throw it into the back seat so I’ll never be tempted. It’s so difficult not to answer a ringing phone, isn’t it! Though it’s becoming easier as so many calls are scammers nowadays. We love our caller display. Too bad about your daughter’s experience using hers while stopped at a red light; that was a costly lesson. One might think they could’ve let her off, on that one.

I’m only nine months older than Scott but he has more grey hair than I. Or maybe it’s only that his stands out better because he’s dark-haired.

Birdie, I’ve put a link about the mineral supplements HERE. If you go to that page, there’s a link that takes you to more detailed product information. Mainly it’s fulvic/humic acid; maybe someday I’ll share some useful facts. More important is (to me, right now) whether I notice anything personally. For now I’m willing to try them because of the changes my friend Bev noticed when she was taking them. More energy? Fewer trips to the can? Less muscle aching (I have that goddamn neck-thing, which is a sort of aching)? Better circulation so not as easily cold? I’m up for anything that ameliorates those annoyances. If two capsules a day can do it for me, Bring ’em on, I say.


2 thoughts on “Lotsa Quotation Marks

  1. your story reminds me of the Orson Welles trick. My grandfather would almost spit over the unforgivable “joke”
    when he would tell us about listening to it in real time.

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  2. I do say I am Norbert’s mama but when I say it it feels forced. And this will have people hating me but losing a pet is *not* like losing a member of the family and it’s definitely not like losing a child. It is an unbelievably selfish and horrible thing to say. My stepdad’s son died almost 40 years ago in a tragic death and it was not like losing a fucking dog or a cat. People need to give their fucking heads a shake when they say shit like that. Your dog or cat should not be compared to a child.

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