Christ on a Cracker

Harvest Walk 2018

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this, but if you don’t … (taken on an evening stroll north of our place) … and now the Canada geese are flocking up. Soon the sky will be full of them; I love this time of year.

Some days I don’t feel up to taking care of business.

Do you have days like that?

Phone calls and appointments that need to be made seem overwhelming.

All the things I “should” be doing are a weight.

Could the world please leave me alone for a while?

Not that there’s anything wrong with my life. It’s a damn good one, at least 95% of the time.  It’s just all these darned details. I’m being pecked to death by ducks (as the saying goes)!

That said, my share of troubles is minuscule in comparison to what others are going through at the moment. Oscar’s mother, my great-aunt, has not survived the passing of her youngest child. This surprises no one. She was in her nineties and left us yesterday. Like her son, she was a beautiful, gentle person all the way through. I’ll never forget the loving affection with which she always greeted me. I’ll miss it. Just imagine this for her adult children, grandchildren, and their kids, though: first their brother/dad/uncle, then their mother/grandmother. Christ on a cracker. 




5 thoughts on “Christ on a Cracker

  1. I find the details of life overwhelming when the larger things in life are in crisis or transition. “Time out” seems appropriate at such times. Sorry to hear about you Great Aunt leaving under such sad circumstances.

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  2. The most beautiful picture in the world!
    I find this song soothing on the days that are overwhelming…. River by Joni Mitchell . Sara McLachlan has a beautiful version.

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  3. Love this picture, frame it. Stare at it every day. My beloved grandmother lost her mind after her daughter, my mother, passed. My darling Aunt Kit, lost her mind when her youngest died. Death can be a merciful release. So sorry this has hit your family.


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