Speaking of Instagram

cutting rounds

The purpose of a side trip with the boys was to cut some rounds from a fallen tree next to the gravel road, as requested by Scott’s sister.

What I like about it is … surprise, surprise! … it’s all photos! From what I’ve seen so far, there are no “Here’s how to live your best life,” no acidic political videos or rants, no “Eating this miracle food will save your life,” and so on. Maybe it’s just a matter of who I’m following; we’ll see. I followed a few actors I like, but all they post is glamour shots of themselves. Boring. Except for Sarah Jessica Parker, who posts photos of what she’s seeing instead of tooting her own horn constantly. Not that she’s a favourite actor, but her account came across the page and I thought I’d give it a try.

Joan, how do I unfollow? Still looking for that particular option. All those glamour shots just piss me off.

I came across the caption function this morning. Sometimes I find what I’m looking for accidentally, and then can’t find it again. I’ll keep your simple instruction in mind; it surely clarifies things. It’s good to know you still don’t feel 100% on top of it, so it’s not just my ineptitude.

Today I wanted to see my archive to avoid posting the same image twice. No luck finding that yet. I see I’ve checked the box that does archive my posts. Halfway there!

But if the frustration and confusion continues, I won’t keep this up. More of those in my life, I do not need.

By the way, while my bank book and most recent statement were wrestling (how I hate balancing that frickin’ chequebook; enough that I don’t want to do any banking ever), I noticed you haven’t cashed my cheque. Nudge, nudge. Karen has the pants and the painting at her place; I haven’t gotten over there yet. She’s on the combine these days but has booked me for two weeks in early January to stay with her doggie-sues while y’all are off gallivanting in Hawaii.

Dad was right again! He said you guys wouldn’t stay in that condo long, and I see you’ve decided to move on.

Birdie, I do read SAG’s fine blog and often meet the same roadblock: only seeing the option after someone else has commented. It’s not just you!


Remember when I mentioned some mineral supplements I intended to take once the company that makes and sells them launches? Well it has, finally, and I’ve ordered a couple bottles to try. They should arrive in about a week and I’ll be consuming them faithfully and detailing any changes I notice in my everyday energy and general health. I’ve added a page to the sidebar (overhead bar, if you read this on your cellphone) if you’re interested in following me on this trip. HERE IT IS.



2 thoughts on “Speaking of Instagram

  1. I have definitely concluded that someone else has to comment on SAG’s blog first. Odd.

    I swear by magnesium glycinate to help with my restless legs. I can’t sleep if I don’t take it.

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  2. Oh sure, refer to me now as SAG. ;-)

    Honestly, I don’t know what the issue is with comments – some people have no problems, so do. But I don’t have the energy to try to figure it out.

    Aside from FB (which I’m currently boycotting), this is the only social media I do. I worry about adding anything because of the time suck nature of it.

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