We Covered the Plants

First Frost Sept 5 2018 And it was a good thing too, for when I looked out the front window at 7:30 this morning, the grass was white with frost. I’m told the temperature went down to -4C overnight. Gardens froze through blankets thrown over the plants. Corn froze through its husks. Crops of canola were hit.

Here the two rows of potatoes (not covered) were frozen black, their leaves hanging dejectedly from their stems.

There was some damage to the peppers, tomatoes and zucchini, even though we’d thrown blankets over them, but it remains to be seen what will survive and thrive through the coming weeks. Warm weather is forecast now.

We drove up to Kelvington this afternoon and while Scott took care of some business, I walked over to my niece’s and had a rare visit with her. She’s got four active kids between the ages of one and 12, and is an exemplary mom on the move. Even as a tiny girl, she was the busiest kid I ever saw. Nothing’s changed there! She was always a doll and still is.

Fields in every direction on the half-hour drive were dotted with moving swathers, combines and grain trucks.

Tomorrow I’ll not only be chopping, bagging and freezing the peppers picked last night, and working on the computer for a couple hours, but baking cookies to go to the field with Scott for quick snacks as he and his brother get their own crops off.

It’ll be a full but fine day. I’ll try to get a good long walk in, too, so hope it won’t be hot. Just warm, please! (Putting in my order.)


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