Bullet Journal without Bullets

volunteer sunflower

volunteer sunflower

From time to time, I employ what one of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books advise: I imagine the people I’m dealing with as infants, or as people who are 100 years old. -Chitra Divakaruni, The Bitch in the House


Yesterday I saw the tom cat trotting across the farmyard with a rodent in his mouth. He was met near the granaries by three kittens (hooray! some are still alive!) and gave the mouse to them. Good dad.


Tonight I covered some of the tomatoes and the zucchini, for fear of frost. I picked the larger tomatoes and peppers on the plants that weren’t covered. When Scott got home he found more blankets and threw them over the rest.

I chopped and froze four one-cup bags of green peppers, and will do more tomorrow. The garden vegetable assembly line is now in operation.


A white-breasted nuthatch was seen in the maple tree today. It’s been gone all summer, if it’s the same one that was here during the winter.


4 thoughts on “Bullet Journal without Bullets

  1. Glad to hear the three kittens have survived!

    I envy you your green peppers. I have tried to grow them numerous times, and had zero yield, but will try again next year. Frost! Already! Yikes, so many of our tomatoes are just starting to see a little red, fingers crossed!

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