CKUA Radio Online

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I went up north to inspect my friend Shelly’s new fella. He passed muster. Lovely man.

I can’t say enough good things about CKUA.

There’s a lot to love.

Among my favourite programs are “The Old Disc Jockey” on weekends.

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you to discover the wonders of CKUA for yourselves. I don’t know of a better music station when it comes to variety and quality. You’ve been hearing me say this for years.


Lately I’ve been listening to the Armchair Expert via podcast. I downloaded Dax Shepard’s interview with Jason Bateman and listened during a two-mile walk and for another hour after returning home.

I’m sure those two old friends were smoking something. Their conversation made me hoot ‘n holler a few times and shake my head too, but the talk was thoughtful and, on Bateman’s part particularly, grownup.

It’s a wide-ranging chat and entertaining. Shepard is a shameless doofus; you can’t help laughing. Even the meaningless drivel is cute.


Alex, I’ll try your routine with some of my CDs.



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