The Way Things Are Goin’

morning driveway

Morning driveway

Have you gotten onto the habit of listening to your favourite music online instead of on a CD player?

I haven’t.

I’ve been shown how to do it. We’ve got a compact Klipsch speaker that sits atop the fridge. All you do is find the CD online that you want, and use Bluetooth to play it through the speaker. Or so I’m told. I don’t do it.

Otherwise, all we have in the house to play music on is an oversize old ghetto-blaster and the TV, which lets you listen to radio stations via satellite. The latter are okay but have a short loop and get repetitive. The ghetto blaster takes up a lot of space we don’t have to spare, so until recently it’s been in the basement.

It seems to me that when you try to play things online, there are interruptions like buffering and ads. Screw that.

So I just went without for a long time, and was content with silence, while my CDs gathered dust under the bed here in the office. Recently, because Emil has been asking me for ages to do so, I hauled the ghetto blaster up to the bedroom and parked it on the high wooden table that holds the journal books. I dug out half a dozen of my CDs and have been playing them in sequence, one per day, usually while doing dishes or making supper or getting dressed or changing the sheets.

It’s such a pleasure to hear them again. I know the order of the songs. I know most of the words. I dance and sing along (only when alone in the house, mind you). My spirits are lifted. Emil is happy when he comes out; he likes to choose a CD and put it on for the two of us to listen to. His choices are usually Deep Forest, Don Ross, or James Taylor, so far.

At the top of the short stack today was my favourite Beatles compilation, one that I was never able to buy on CD because, at the time I was searching for it, they hadn’t issued it on disc. My sister-in-law kindly went online, found each song, downloaded and burned them in correct order, and made my day. That was years ago.

Now you can buy it!

beatles hey jude

Supposedly. It’s not in stock. Maybe you still can’t buy it.

However, thanks to my dear Lynn, it is in regular rotation at my house these days.

6 thoughts on “The Way Things Are Goin’

  1. I subscribe to iTunes. I love it. If there is a random song I want I just download it. Between my husband and myself we have almost 1000 songs downloaded. I especially like it because my favourite genre is Indie and alternative which I can’t find anywhere else.

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  2. What I’ve done is loaded all my cd’s onto my laptop, and there are over 5000 tracks, and then play them in alphabetical order, the tracks not the cd’s though the cd’s can be played alphabetically, and it’s better than the random shuffle because none of the tracks are ever played twice, unless you want to hear it again straight away of course. I’ve loaded all of them up to my smartphone too, and can play either the laptop or phone via Bluetooth speaker or hardwired to the hi fi.
    I had that Beatles cd as a Russian bootleg copy and sold it at a record fair.

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