Don’t Phone Me


What do your grown children do when they come to your house? This one of mine goes straight to the fridge to see what’s available. He has always loved to eat; even more than most people, it seems to me. Here’s he’s preparing to have some potato chips and is probably getting a drink to go with them.


This week he’s at his dad’s in St. Albert. Gord planned to take the time off to spend with Emil while I’m up at Shelly’s. Normally Emil calls me every Thursday night, even if he’s seen me just hours earlier. Don’t mess with his routines!

“You don’t want me to phone you when I’m at Poppa’s, right, Mom?”

Not unless you need me. Phone if you do. Otherwise I’d rather be visiting with Shelly than talking on the phone, and you could be spending your time with your dad.

“But I phoned you before when I was at Poppa’s and you were at Shelly’s.”

Yes but if you don’t have to, don’t.



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