Not Tea but Coffee

20180713_095105Joan, this little tea strainer you gave me got a good workout while Scott was away. I didn’t want to use the drip coffee pot (which was plugging up on me; apparently I ground the beans too fine) as I only wanted one or two cups per day.

This was perfect and I thought of you and your generosity every time I made my morning brew.


Did you know that George Harrison mortgaged his house to  back Monty Python’s Life of Brian?


This morning after my friend Cathy and I have had breakfast and coffee at her home in Sherwood Park (Edmonton), I will be hopping into Little Green and driving north up to Lac La Biche for the first time, to see my friend Shelly in the new life she’s making.


I can’t conceive of a person who runs about lighting bonfires and yet nourishes a dislike of flame: that seems silly to me. – Rebecca West



One thought on “Not Tea but Coffee

  1. Rebecca West just got me mixed up: is she grouching about an individual or does she think there are lots of people whose silliness about disliking flame can make her cranky?

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