Off & Running

One of my favourite songs.

Keineg’s got a weird nasally voice but it’s perfect for the songs on this record, don’t you think?

There’s an entry here pretty much every day. I ain’t a-gonna let you down now! This one was prepared weeks ago while Scott was still gallavanting over the ocean and I was sitting naked at my laptop (woo hoo! more like a blanket was wrapped around me any time I sat more than five minutes) on that stretch of hot Saskatchewan days .

Occasionally it’s an effort to come up with a few words and a photo on a daily basis. Other times there are a dozen things that come to mind after I’ve already posted. The posts that follow this one for the next few days will be some of those.

If you normally check the daily tarot draw, try an exercise: for the next while, look at and think about the card that’s there now. Sometimes it’s enlightening to focus more intently on a particular message. You can get a deeper insight each day.

There’ll be another draw when Emil and I return from Alberta, where we’re headed today. Meanwhile this blog forges on. There’ll be a new entry every morning, just like always. How handy is that “scheduling” function!

The song that turned me on to Katell Keineg in the first place:

Keineg wrote the song after reading Leonor Fini‘s obituary in a newspaper.

If you’ve been visiting my blogs for a while, this is a repeat for you. What can I say? Writers of diaries and journals repeat themselves. Sometimes without realizing, sometimes with full knowledge. New readers do come along once in a while so this is for them.

I’m not taking my laptop and don’t have data on my cellphone, so may not see and approve any comments you make while I’m away. Don’t feel ignored. No doubt before I’m home for an hour on Sunday, I’ll be going online to check my email and make a new entry in this blogarooney.

It’s already 7:25 and we’ve been up since six. I’ve done last night’s supper dishes and am having a cup of coffee before lugging our suitcases out to the car, which I loaded up last night with perennials for Shelly’s new flowerbed up north. Emil’s eaten a couple slices of toast and I should too but just can’t force anything down yet. By suppertime tonight I’ll be hanging with some of my high school Luther College dormies, and then tomorrow it’s off to the North Pole!


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