For Ms Bird

dark placeI just saw this on the “interwebs” and thought of you.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remain positive and hopeful.

I know it. I cannot advise. I can only tell you what I do in the dark moments. It’s something I was recently reminded of while watching Eat Pray Love.

“Select your thoughts.”

Literally. This is not an abstract instruction. It’s very clear. I’m thinking shitty things about myself, my situation, my future, my fears. I make a conscious choice to think different thoughts, even if they don’t seem true right now. I think those different thoughts, and there is a shift.

It’s not magic, but it’s a healing seed that I have come to rely upon.


3 thoughts on “For Ms Bird

  1. It is so true. Dark thoughts are a slippery slope. I have tried positive affirmations in the past and have gotten away from them. Thanks for this. And for the reminder. 💕


  2. Very true. I thought Julie Andrews had it right with “My Favorite Things”. The other thing I tell myself is that those dark thoughts are not the whole truth, and that sometimes they are not true at all. Dark thoughts are partial thoughts, as “my-little-pony” thoughts are partial thoughts. Reality is, even when it is dark indeed, only part of the truth. The rest is worth exploring when opportunity allows.

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