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TUES • Kim Comes Calling

Kim Aug 2018What is better, I ask you, than a phone call in the morning telling you that a dear friend is coming to see you in the afternoon? Why, nothing!

Kim and I had a great visit for several hours before she headed homeward; she lives in Swift Current now. Can’t remember when’s the last time I saw her; years ago. We met when we were both wee little girls; our parents were friends; we were in the same grade in school, and were mischief-makers as teens.

Judith Pettersen, up in Flin Flon, has written a good piece about the books she loved as a child. I could relate, being crazy about books, myself, forever:

“Immersing oneself in a novel makes life better. Empathy, curiosity, hope and persistence are traits we can absorb from characters we love.” -Judith Pettersen.

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