SUN • Over Till Next Year

Leaving Camp

Camp is over for another year.

He went horseback riding, twice. He got a ride on a pontoon boat. They went for ice cream treats a time or two. He’d been swimming in the indoor pool at the camp. The weather was perfect, said one of his cabin counsellors. There was a talent show. On the last night, they had a dance. I’m surely forgetting something.

Emil delays leaving as long as he can, by encouraging me to meet each of his counsellors, take pictures of him with them, and then trying to get them to walk with us to our vehicle when they are busy trying to help all the campers get loaded up and headed home. I try to make the transition easier: buy a bag of Hawkins cheezies for him; say we’ll stop along the route to pick up something to drink.

Back in Wadena he was to be delivered to his workplace, where they were having a supper and dance. He had plenty to look forward to. What a great life he has.


3 thoughts on “SUN • Over Till Next Year

  1. We all, I hope, should have something that makes us joyful. The downtown library used to be that for me….I got to ride on the bus by myself from the PMQs to the 17th Ave library, and because I always had a big bag of books (at least 6), other bus-riders used to give me big smiles. That memory is great for me.

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