SAT • Mimi on the Beach

Another carving, this one on the beach at Lake Manitou, which is about two hours from here.

Secret Agent Woman, I agree that dreams are uniquely personal, and have found universal symbolism to be helpful in understanding them. (Much like reading the tarot, actually, where each card has its “key” meaning even though more weight may be placed on whatever graphic element jumps out). I don’t disallow universal meanings though, ever since in a dream I was the big female cheese in a harem and the sheik slapped me in front of everyone. Weird dream, one of those that makes you scratch your head, wondering why you’d dream such a thing. I didn’t know it at the time, but such a dream—that exact scenario! I later found described in a dream book—is a portent that you will be humiliated by a lover. Within weeks, that’s exactly what happened.

Birdie, one of my recurring dreams is that I go visit my parents in a beautiful large home that I haven’t seen before. I’m thrilled to discover many luxurious rooms, like an indoor pool and overarching greenhouse. These dreams I take to be showing me the many unknown aspects of the ancestry that has made me what I am, some yet to be discovered. They encourage me to remember that there is still plenty of the happy unknown still to come. Any time I dream of a house that is my own, though, I take it as representing me. Your dream I’d interpret as you being someone a friend can relate to emotionally (bath=water), and that you have a lot of understanding (many bathrooms to choose from) to give. Perhaps you get this from your mother? Anyway, it’s what you make of the dream that matters, just as Secret Agent Woman says.

Lorna, Superman? As in, you go flying? Cool. I love my flying dreams – the lucid ones where I seem to really be there and to know I’m dreaming.

Mary, when I’m stressed, my dreams give me mice in the basement. I like yours better.


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