FRI • Off to Prison

If I hear one more person repeat that refugees to Canada receive more money and help from the government than seniors, I am going to scream.

Why do people not take five minutes to do a little research and find out the facts? It’s like they’d rather believe anything that gives them cause to bitch and complain about someone else and feel sorry for their own selves.

Here’s a brief quiz you can take that also offers facts. F.A.C.T.S. Remember those? Of course you do. It’s those other doofi (doofuses) out there who make my eyes roll.

Thanks to Marilyn at for posting the link to this quiz.

Or how about the one about how our seniors would be so much better off in prison than in a nursing home, because criminals live such a cushy life in comparison? O I love that one. Makes me wanna run right out and murder someone so I can get myself into jail where I’ll have no financial worries. Prison sounds so attractive. Get to wear a jumpsuit, be locked into my “room” every night, and freedom? What’s that? Who needs it? Put me in handcuffs now!

Kate, shaking her head



2 thoughts on “FRI • Off to Prison

  1. I’ve been disgusted with ‘friends’ who have posted such rubbish on FB and elsewhere. And a former husband, Sweet Jeebus on a bicycle. Glad he’s well behind me. Imagine all the seniors clinking out in their chains for their hour in the cement yard, working the laundry, making licence plates, making shivs out of toothbrushes, etc. and using those stainless steel toilets in full view of mocking guards. yeah right. My brain explodes.



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