WEDNESDAY: Quick Look at Danceland

band entranceRain! Rain! Rain! Rain!

Thunder and lightning.


That was yesterday morning and oh how welcome was that little bit of heaven.

Today we were roused by a phone call at 7 a.m. (often the case as people try to catch Farmbeau before he goes out the door) and not only was it foggy outside, but indoors the temperature, after the windows had been open all night, was only 66F. (What’s that in Celsius? Ridiculous, isn’t it, that after all these years I still know what Fahrenheit temperatures feel like, but Celsius remains unfamiliar. From the hall thermostat I’m aware that 22C is my preferred indoor ambience, and that’s as far as I get.)

After dropping Emil off at Camp Easter Seal I made only one stop, and that was across the street from Danceland.

Danceland front

My husband in the next life will love dancing.

Danceland plaque




3 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY: Quick Look at Danceland

  1. Watched both videos, Danceland reminded me of the dancehalls of my teens and the great bands and big names that we danced to. I often went out every night of the week, loved dancing.

    The second I found a little sad, the glory days gone forever. It looks like your son has a great camp though, Much survived while so much lost to fire and flood.



  2. I really enjoyed this post. I feel all relaxed after watching the videos. What a neat little community.
    I wonder where they got enough horsehair to cover a floor that big? 🤔

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