MONDAY: Off to Camp

camp easter seal entrance We were out the door shortly after nine and arrived at Manitou Beach at 11:30.
As soon as Emil met one of his counsellors, I was dismissed to make my way home again.

I drove down the resort village’s main drag to see what I could see. Usually I stop at the Village Perk (what’s this! it’s closed?) but not today. There were a lot of people on the street, mostly getting in and out of vehicles and heading for the beach. I’ve never seen the place so busy. Could it be that the TV show Still Standing has put Manitou Beach back on the map? A lot of people never knew it was there. Now they do.

Lake Manitou is a saltwater body of water and I blame that for the fact that there’s no “lake” scent and the place always seems dusty. I’ve spent a night there a time or two but something is missing — the freshwater I guess.

It’s hot; hot enough that I had to turn the car fan up high in order for the air conditioning to keep me comfortable. It feels cool when you step into our house, but not for long.

camp easter seal entrance carving



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