THURSDAY: When You Live in a Shoe


(le perky) gazania

It was 68F in our house yesterday morning and to work at my desk I wore leggings under my jeans, and over a long-sleeved top I layered a sweater, a fuzzy vest, and a thick turtlenecked poncho. Of course I also wore socks and shoes, as always except for the hottest days of summer; otherwise the soles of my feet feel the cool floor. (Somehow Scott is perfectly comfortable shirtless; it’s not fair, I tell ya.)

There’s no way I was turning the furnace on at the end of July! Which made it a good day to use the oven and I took advantage of it, whipping up a batch of muffins to serve as breakfasts and snacks for the next few days. It inspired me to decide what to eat next week, make a grocery list for my next trip to town, and set some beans to soak for baking in the slow cooker today.  I got on the ball and threw together a cauliflower-rice casserole for supper, then sauteed and pan-steamed a mix of onions, celery and mushrooms to go with it. Scott had roasted a chicken a couple days earlier and made gravy, so those leftovers were added to the vegetables.

Having a man around the house changes the amount of food and drink that is prepared and consumed, in a big way. Leftovers don’t last. Tossed salads alone don’t satisfy. Toast can’t be supper; neither can buttered popcorn. Bigger meals are essential; men are starving beasties. And beer? The two-four that lasted me the entire month (most of it was still in the original carton, having not yet made it to the fridge) has disappeared like steam.

Coming up with meals doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s a head-scratcher every week if not daily. I’ve been putting together a monthly supper plan so less last-minute thinking will be required. There’ll be a repeatable menu, the necessary ingredients will be in the house, and I’ll get to eat many of my favourite dishes once every 31 days. The routine will relieve a pressure I’ve never enjoyed managing.

Lorna, your brother’s approach makes a lot of sense to me. I can be worked up about something (said, written, done, not done) and then in about two days wonder what the big deal was. Happens all the time. One might assume it would be a powerful incentive to keep one’s mouth shut for a while and withhold judgment. Assume away!


4 thoughts on “THURSDAY: When You Live in a Shoe

  1. Got my new Gail Bowen book…I must not read for 3 hours straight…I must not read for 3 hours straight…I must not read for 3 hours straight…

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  2. I’ve gone down the road of frozen dinners lately. In total rebellion to my former B&B life.They’re yer fancy frozen dinners like Pad Thai and quesadillas and 6 cheese lasagna. But still. Incredible guilt. Why is that? I supplement with veggies, I positively hate salads, long story. And the odd time I’ll buy a half roast chicken.

    I tell ya I’m gone to hell in a handbasket.


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