TUESDAY: From Grey to Blue

It was cool, grey and windy this morning. It always seems windy here, even though our farmyard has trees all around it. Except for one place that’s a mere 15 feet wide, the wind gets in. We have a 16′ x 16′ screen tent that has never been set up here because wind would tear it apart no matter where it was located.

Even so, I didn’t stake up anything this year, not even the delphiniums. The flowers are all fending for themselves and not doing too badly either. When blooms do get knocked down, I put them into vases that are brought into the house or set near the swing.

As for grub: here’s the recipe for a granola bar that was healthy and tasty but crumbly, so I made bite-size balls: http://stubblejumperscafe.blogspot.com/2018/07/no-bake-peanut-butter-balls.html

Reta, did you know there’s such a thing as an olivet cherry tree? I came across it in the Emily Carr book I just read. I had never wondered what Olivet School was named after. Would a cherry tree be it?

The word olivet isn’t in my dictionary and an online dictionary gives the following uses of it:

Richard Colling was forced out of Olivet Nazarene University. History of Linn County Iowa -Luther A. Brewer

With the first pale shimmer of daylight over Olivet came a hush. A King of Tyre -James M. Ludlow

Some writers call Olivet a Duke while others place it with the Morellos. The Cherries of New York U. P. Hedrick

We had a very steep descent to make on the eastern side of Olivet. Letters from Palestine -J. D. Paxton

Lorna, I found the Ruth Galloway series online and have ordered the first one, The Crossing Places, through our interlibrary loan system.  Thanks for the tip!

There’s a series I liked that was set in Egypt — I think the sleuth was a Victorian British woman — but do you think I can remember who the author was? I’d like to read more of those. Maybe the series you recommended will satisfy that itch.

Birdie, claustrophobic is one word for it. BC is beautiful, but like being in a very large closet. Or the bottom of a bowl. The mountains and hills and trees block the view. If I was to live there I’d prefer a very wide valley or someplace oceanside.

The overcast sky has brightened to blue and so I’m off out to get warmed up.



3 thoughts on “TUESDAY: From Grey to Blue

  1. I have a better idea. Just come and live near me and I can talk you through it! 💕

    Yesterday one of my gladiolus tipped over. Now she is in my house in a vase. A definite win.

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