MONDAY: Coincidences


Guess who’s been playing with her phone. I wish I really looked like this! Kinda.

Coincidences make me feel that I’m in just the right place at just the right time, exactly where I’m meant to be.

Last night I finished Patricia Cornwell’s murder mystery Unnatural Exposure, published in 1997, which is about forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta discovering someone is attempting to reintroduce smallpox to the world via bioterrorism.

This morning I see a news article stating that a government has approved a new vaccine against smallpox, a disease that has been eradicated, in case someone should ever attempt bioterrorism.

It’s a reminder that even though I sometimes think I should drastically change my life, I am probably right where I should be.

Do you notice many coincidences as you go about your days?  I do. Sometimes it will be an unfamiliar word I’ve just looked up in the dictionary and the next day I’ll hear it on the radio or TV. Little things but … there they are.

Dkzody, I’m in agreement that if something’s working, it’s working! whatever the reason, it’s good enough.

Birdie, after I’d been living in BC for about six months I hitchhiked (young and foolish and lucky as I was) back to Saskatchewan and got out of a car on Hwy #1 just east of Regina. I still remember feeling suddenly so unburdened under that big open sky. It was the first time I realized how much more at home I am with plenty of space around me. Even on a lakeshore; as long as I can easily get to a place where there’s a view, I do okay.

Sharon, I’ve read that of all the broods of wild birds that hatch each summer, only 7% of the young survive. The rest are eaten by other birds and mammals feeding themselves and their own offspring, or they starve if even one of their parents is killed or injured.

Mary, it’s not so long ago there was news that we’re basically throwing our money down the drain when it comes to supplements and maybe regular consumption actually has a negative effect on health. Since I am (or was) so hit-and-miss when it came to popping pills daily, I thought maybe my unconscious self had been leading me in the best direction all along.

Nevertheless when I don’t know how else to improve a condition, I’m open to supplements. I’ve lately created a fairly reliable habit by keeping my two bottles right next to the coffee mugs so each morning when reaching for my favourite, I dump the capsules into my hand and set them on the lid of an old beanpot (that belonged to one of my great-grandmothers) that graces the kitchen counter. This reminds me throughout the day to get those things down my neck, and I usually do.

When I’m at the end of my rope due to a health condition (like the frickin’ cold sores I’ve been plagued with), I will do anything.




2 thoughts on “MONDAY: Coincidences

  1. The first mystery I ever read was by Agatha Christie, And Them There Were None. At the time I was camping in the middle of nowhere and was pretty convinced that was how it was going to end for me. 😂

    I have heard many people say when they visit that they feel claustrophobic.

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