SATURDAY: Midsummer

Me and the little Strudel got some nice walking weather before sunset. We’ve had so much heat lately that by the time it’s been cool enough, I’ve been putting my pyjamas on.

The canola crops all around the area are in full bloom – that’s what you see here – but everything needs rain, badly. Someone said the crops are beginning to “go backward” without it.

Today’s cool and grey, and as I sat on the step with my coffee this morning there were a few light sprinkles, but that’s all so far. The lower temperature is a relief.

Karen has the week off and I spent yesterday afternoon with her. She was busy baking buns and bread for a farmers market so we stuck to the house except for the odd foray onto the deck, or around the yard to look at her flowers, or out to her garden to pick dill for me to keep in the freezer. She has now lost 15 pounds on the Ideal Protein diet, and it shows. Go, Karen!

I whipped out a $20 bill and bagged some of that baking to bring home. “I shouldn’t be selling this to you,” she said and I agreed, thinking she meant it should be kept for the following day’s market and I shouldn’t be buying it beforehand. “No, I should be giving it to you!” she said, demonstrating once again that generosity that my sisters demonstrate. I made her keep the $20 of course; it was 20 bucks well spent.

Then I was off to a gathering with people I don’t know well but many of whom I’ve been acquainted with for some time. One has moved into a new (to her) home and was having a come-and-go for a few friends, and I was fortunate enough to be invited. We sat on a shady deck, nibbled on appetizers followed by beef-on-a-bun, and oh how refreshing it is to be with a bunch of women, talking and laughing and always so kind and gentle with each other.

All in all, a day spent around women was a day of heart healing.



4 thoughts on “SATURDAY: Midsummer

  1. Kate, your time with your sister sounds so lovely! I am glad the group of women were kind and gentle with each other, so nice when that happens, because it isn’t always the way it works. I’ve been with groups of women that were every bit as hierachical and competitive as the worst of men’s groups, get togethers more like corporate takeover events than gentle and kind. I have always loved being around gentle and kind women, they, dare I say we, are the BEST!!!

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  2. Your little doggy standing on the prairie makes me smile because I think of the joke of the dog that ran away in Saskatchewan. I know I don’t need to tell you the joke but for your readers.

    You watched your dog run away and it took three days.

    But I have also heard that people from the prairies do not think that it funny at all.

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  3. Gosh that photo! So perfect. I am raiding your book posts regularly and will order the Emily soon once my backlog is dealt with….ha! I love being with women, a different energy and dynamic and softer voices and no one interrupting. I love the way the words sit there for a while, as if taking the sun.


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