FRIDAY: The House of All Sorts

house-of-all-sorts-2spel1ir18bmok96blt534Emily Carr was not only a unique artist; she was a writer with a quirky style and insight all her own.

Here are some samples:

“Pain is easier to endure out in the open. Space draws it from you. Enclosure squeezes it close.”

Whoa … yes! (So it’s not just me, then, who will head for the hills when grief is intense.)

And about a lazy tenant in her rental property:

“As far as I could see she did not do any [housework]. Even trees and bushes flutter the dust off, manage to do some renewing.”

In the mornings Carr would be the first one up. She’d be lighting the fire to warm the house and she’d go for a short walk.

“Up came the sun, and drank the dew.”

Thinking you might like to be a landlady and make an easy living, collecting rents? Read Carr’s book and think again.


3 thoughts on “FRIDAY: The House of All Sorts

  1. Had a hairdresser who wanted to own a Bed & Breakfast. I told her she was crazy because she would only be a cook and maid. I’ve never wanted to be landlady and have to deal with the detritus of others’ lives.

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