WEDNESDAY: The Traveller Returns


My sugar is home, and you know what THAT means … I can watch TV again instead of staring out the window after dark!

I was out watering the vegetable garden yesterday morning and had squatted to pull a few weeds from the plant stems. When I rose, ouch! There went my lower back. For no good reason, as I was mindful of how I was bending and all that.

So the day was spent walking sideways like the letter C and there was a lot of moaning and groaning. It was a reminder of why I should be much more sympathetic when poor old Scott is suffering with back pain.

Late in the afternoon I made a trip to town, for several reasons: it was Everett’s day off and an opportunity to see him; I had a feeling Scott was on his way home and wanted to make sure there was something here for him to eat if he arrived at suppertime; and I wanted to see how my back would fare in public, for I was invited to a surprise 65th birthday supper for my brother-in-law. His large family would be there and I figured if there was a possibility of me screaming in pain, perhaps I’d best stay home.

And that’s how it turned out. I got back from town, dug in the bathroom cabinet for drugs, took a Robaxacet, carried pillows and a book out to the swing, and waited for relief. Which came, mostly, but not in time to make it to the supper.

This is one of the things, besides my sister Karen’s excellent cooking, that I missed:


Ha! I’d say it looks delicious, but … you know.


At suppertime I was still alone here, so didn’t cook up the sausages and potatoes I had bought for Scott’s happiness (see how good I am to that man?) and instead ate a bowl of Mexican Soup I’d made at lunchtime.

Sure enough, he came driving into the yard about 7:30 so my intuition was right on the mark.

He never did get around to making the TV work so I could watch the news. The power went out and we went to bed instead. About 1 a.m. he took a drive and, seeing lights down the road, went to investigate. He discovered a SaskPower crew changing a transformer.

I’m remote-control challenged or something, when it comes to this damn TV.


One thought on “WEDNESDAY: The Traveller Returns

  1. We have one of those new fangled flat screen TV’s. I know they are not new to everyone else but our old TV was the size of a car motor and about 20 years old. I can turn it on and move the channels up and down but nothing else. It doesn’t help that I rarely watch TV and only watch Netflix.

    I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

    That cake with the corn is epic!

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