SATURDAY: From Somewhere in Sweden

My first stop is always the library, then the post office across the street. For a change there was something for me besides bills. Yay!

Lasse (Scott’s cousin) and his sweetheart Marit had sent a postcard.

Photo: Goat Mountain. I’m guessing it’s where they live now or where their clan lived at the time Scott’s grandfather emigrated to Canada. It looks (inset) like some of the flooded farm properties in this area with the overflowing of lakes and waterways in recent years.

The Canadian travellers stayed for several days with Lasse and Marit. One morning or was it evening? I don’t remember; it was morning here and evening there, or vice versa — anyway we had a videocall when they were all lounging about the kitchen. It was almost as good as being there.


Nice! To be thought of so kindly even when I’m not there.


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