THURSDAY: Swing, Now in Shade


a rusted silver chime hung from an oak tree. joan you gave me this.

Did I mention that when Bev was here she helped me move my swing to a place where I can actually sit in it? It’s not easy to have a swing in this windy yard because I’ve seen it flipped over and blown into the crabapple trees many times. And if it’s out of the wind (as much as that’s possible here), it’s on grass that gets long and is then full of skeeters and ticks.

This time we put it in a place I hadn’t thought it would fit, and it’s working! Nothing like getting a different viewpoint from your own, I say. Thanks Beverly!

Under the oak trees is a flower bed that contained only a row of peonies when we bought this house. I added hostas, ferns, delphiniums and maltese crosses the first summer. Then as I thinned out the perennial bed, others too went under the oaks. Now there are giant shasta daisies, purple coneflowers, columbines, lilies, speedwells, blue flax and a rayflower there too. And wild violets. And wild rue. And poppies. And a hollyhock that will not go away no matter how I try. It has to be shovelled out, not just cut down; or eventually I may give up and let it be. There’s a lot of that attitude under the oak trees: if you can flourish here, the least I can do is leave you alone.

Anyway Bev and I managed to squeeze the swing under those trees and so far the wind hasn’t blown it away. Though it could still happen.

Yesterday was cool, rainy, windy, cloudy. So was my state of being. I accomplished nothing more than feeding the cats at the barn. Didn’t even do the dishes. Finished the treatment (two ointments, each applied three times a day for seven days) for a tick bite on my right calf. How did that little fucker get in there and attached without me noticing and when I keep my pants tucked into socks and my shirt tucked into pants and I lotion-up any skin showing with lemongrass every chance I get? It pisses me off when I make every effort I can think of and still cannot seem to avoid these bites, which can be dangerous and are always irritatingly itchy for days. I’m vigilant, I deserve perfect success. HA! If only life were like that.

WiseWebWoman: I saw that bleach-bottle plant hanger on a friend’s Facebook feed. Cute huh?


2 thoughts on “THURSDAY: Swing, Now in Shade

  1. Are you too shy to show us the ACTUAL swing? LOL. I love repurposed stuff like that bleach bottle. Genius.

    What a great garden you have.


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