WEDNESDAY: Up Since 6:45


Pansies and lobelia, coping with the wind on the step

Do you ever wake up nauseated in the dark hours of the night? That’s what happened to me, for no good reason other than that I’d eaten buttered popcorn and leftover bacon for supper. At least that’s what I’m blaming it on. After a short while I made myself get sick and then went right back to sleep.

We had a nice rain as I was reading in bed last night, with the window wide open and the cool breeze blowing gently across my bare legs. This morning dawned grey, cold and windy. Yesterday was extremely hot and sultry and I’d watered the vegetable garden in the early evening when the sky clouded over. That almost always brings on the rain.

A text from Karen came in just as I was making myself a second cup of coffee in the morning.

“Meet in town for a quick coffee?”

You bet. I washed and dressed, drove in, parked Little Green under shady trees in the residential area, walked to the credit union for some cash, and waited for Karen in one of the cafes. There are four plus a bakery coffee shop, all on Main Street — in a town of about 1200 people — although those from the surrounding villages do come in for groceries and other necessities so it’s a pretty busy place.

Karen’s looking great. She’s lost 14 pounds in the weeks since we returned from Kelowna, by strictly following the Ideal Protein diet that I’m guessing is all the rage these days. Not sure how much more weight she wants to drop, but the difference could even be seen in her face. You go, girl! And how did I not think of taking a picture? Too busy yapping.


This set of kittens in the barn is hidden in a hollow on top of a stack of bales and underneath a couch cushion, which I can lift up to see, talk to, and reach them. Their eyes aren’t looking healthy but I’ve decided to leave them alone; they seem better than they were the day before. Last time I tried to help, it didn’t end well. I keep an eye on them though in case their mother goes missing, which happens too damn often with barn cats.

Afterwards I gassed up the car and went to the store for cat food for the adults, whose bowls are always empty when I get to the barn and who always gobble up the kibble with gusto. They must be missing the fresh organ meat they get when Scott is home.

When I pulled the car into the yard, a raccoon dashed from the chicken coop to the tractor shed. I wouldn’t think there’s any hole large enough for raccoons to get into the barn, but still wonder if they aren’t helping themselves to the cat food.

The afternoon was spent finishing the food bank website ( and writing up the text. It’s plain but will put us on the web map. I made a Facebook page for it months ago but that thing drives me batty. It doesn’t do what it should. I search on it for stuff I know was posted, and can’t find it anywhere. It’s not remotely straightforward. I don’t know what it is about FB pages; some time ago I made one for tarot and ended up abandoning it because it didn’t function properly either.

If I could draw worth a shit, I have a couple ideas for illustrations I’d like to use instead of free clipart.

It’s now 10 o’clock and I’m not moving too quickly. That cool wind makes me want to go back to bed.


2 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY: Up Since 6:45

  1. I like your food bank site a lot, it makes it so easy to get right to the pertinent information. That is something that gets lost in a lot of the “showy” sites, more bells and whistles than ease and information on a lot of sites out there. Content is the thing!

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