SUNDAY: Not Much Goin’ On

plant hanger face Some days are kinda wasted. No, not exactly wasted. I did get some of the garden hoed this morning while still in my housecoat. I did get the flower bed under the oaks watered. That’s about it, though. I decided not to struggle through a neck complaint, took a pill and went to bed about 11, slept till 3, and then lazed about for the rest of the day and evening. Didn’t even do my dishes.

Weekends have turned out to be the best nights for TV, especially if you like commercial-free programming and Brit detective series. What was it I heard the other night on one of them? Oh yes, a character who wasn’t “all there” was described by another character as “three tomatoes short of a salad.” I wrote it down so as not to forget it. First time I’ve heard that phrase.

AJA, I believe Emil has heard of the possibility that a fan could let loose from the ceiling and that’s why he’s afraid of them. He’s asked why ceiling fans sometimes make noise and been told something could be off balance and thus dangerous. At least I think that’s why he’s slightly afraid of them, but it may not be that. Your story is a reminder that we should be aware of certain possibilities!

Joan, I would’ve thought being amused by Emil would be more natural when you’ve heard him speak and can almost hear his voice when I describe his conversations. But maybe you’re right, maybe I should collect them in one place. If Birdie too sees the humour, without meeting Emil … hmmm.

Well goodnight, I’m off to read in bed and then drift off to Dreamland.



2 thoughts on “SUNDAY: Not Much Goin’ On

  1. I sure love that bleach bottle, did you make it? Brilliant. I’m always scared of fans, one time a frightening story from a client about her son who messed with one and ended up dead so I really respect them. Poor wee kitties.


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