WEDNESDAY: For the Love of Pigs


Emil’s had a shave and a haircut — “two bits!”

I could swear I wrote this post and uploaded these photos on Sunday, but none of it’s anywhere to be found. So here we go again.

After the farmers market on Saturday we went to a couple garage sales. I bought … but anyhoo, among the loot were three plant pots so we stopped at the greenhouse on our way home. Scott’s cousin Perry was there, working in the farmyard, so after a tour of the gorgeous back yard he and his wife have created, he offered to show Emil the pigs.

Now Emil, he’s afraid of chickens. But he adores pigs and will stand throwing grass into the pen for them for a pretty long time.

There were three in the pen and it was a hot day and Perry dumped a five-gallon pail of water in a rubber tub for them to drink. For a few moments all three got to slurp, till the biggest one climbed right in, rolled around to wet both sides of his body, and finally tipped the tub altogether.

We didn’t stay there long. There were groceries in the car and Perry had work to do, including hauling enough water to make a wallow for the pigs. Emil would gladly have stood watching those entertaining creatures all day.

Later as a goodnight I received the following image from Scott just as he and his travel companions were going to bed:


I said this should be the cover of his trip scrapbook. From left: Scott, Gunnar, Melissa; little Eva in front. Right?


3 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY: For the Love of Pigs

  1. You reminded me of a friend (RIP) whose passion was pigs, big, small, black, pink, wonky or crooked. They were everywhere in her house.

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