MONDAY: Vera Strikes Again


Painted daisies. Blooms that get bent to the ground end up in the house, where they can be seen and appreciated.

On Vera, a British detective show starring Brenda Blethyn:

A young woman has been in the news because she’s been missing for 40 days. When her strangled body is found, two detectives begin investigating.
Sergeant: Why is this one so upsetting?
Vera, the boss: It’s the publicity. We feel we knew her. It’s more personal.

So simple, so true.
Doesn’t that also explain mass mourning for people we’ve never met? Princess Diana, President Kennedy, and many more.

Bev! Saw your picture on the river Sunday morning when I checked into my Twitter feed. Looks blissful. Maybe we’ll make a trip out your way someday. Scott has no excuses now, although he’ll manage to come up with some anyway. I teased him that, now he’s a world traveller, if I want him to go somewhere with me I’ll expect him to say yes, sure. I’m guessing he feels pretty safe there, as I’ve no travel inklings whatsoever. But that can change. Who knows?



2 thoughts on “MONDAY: Vera Strikes Again

  1. It would be great to have you guys visit. Lindsay is only about 20,000 so not too busy. The best part is being close to the river for kayaking and the walking trails, plus we can walk downtown and have a bike trail close by. We are in a pretty quiet neighbourhood and can hear the church bell ring. There is wildlife in the backyard which I was surprised at. We have a groundhog, rabbit, fox and numerous squirrels. Love having my coffee out on the back deck. I miss my Saskatchewan deer though.

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