SATURDAY: Blanket Flower


We don’t usually see wild blanketflower along our two-mile stretch of gravel road, so I’m hoping this is the beginning of a larger population in coming summers.

Today’s farmers market day in Wadena and I have to pick up my eggs there, as they’re no longer being delivered to town on Fridays. Emil, who usually sleeps in till late morning when he’s here on weekends, jumped out of bed shortly after I did at 7:30. He loves him some farmers market! or indeed going anyplace, anytime! Once in a while he’ll decline an outing if it means he can stay alone in the house. That’s something he rarely gets to do and like every young person, of course he likes having the place to himself. In winter I don’t leave him alone here; if there was a fire and he managed to get out, where would he go? He’d freeze to death outside. In the summer, he could stay alone, but not if he was still in bed when the smoke alarm went.

Yesterday was his last day of work before a week’s holiday, so he’s staying here with me “so you won’t have to be by yourself while Scott’s in Sweden,” he keeps saying. Little does he know that I’m happy as a grinning clam by myself! I’ve told him he needn’t worry about me, that he should do exactly as he likes with his holiday. Apparently that’s being here.

Scott’s been gone for about 10 days. I see photos on Facebook daily (ordinarily I only look at FB on Saturdays now, but this is a reason to check more often) and we chat on FB Messenger and have had a video call. Seems like they’re having a wonderful holiday, meeting up with relatives for the first time. I’m sure that the biggest part of the pleasure for Scott is being with the nine-month-old granddaughter who has been winning hearts all along the way.

Me, I’m right where I wanna be:



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