THURSDAY: Gettin’ Company for Lunch


I think of this wildflower as “candytuft” because it has a sweet candy scent. It’s really bedstraw and it makes an aromatic pillow stuffing.

Sharon, Mary, I’m quite smitten with the young Morse!

Lorna, I drop phones accidentally.

♪♫•*¨*Internet Travels*¨*•♫♪

The local food bank would like a webpage. I can set that up. I’ve been researching online, looking for ideas for design and content. One of the articles I read was on WikiHow. The website is used as a method of supporting people; when you read an article, money is donated to a worthy cause.

Here’s the ARTICLE that explains it. 

It’s 10:30. I’ve been walking around outside in my housecoat, watering flowers and trying to see the robins’ nest way up high in the oaks. No luck.

Dad will be here at 11, he said. Gotta go!


2 thoughts on “THURSDAY: Gettin’ Company for Lunch

  1. The thing I think is often forgotten in developing a webpage is to talk to people you see as possible users and ask them what they need and want….then you’re not tempted to do something super techno that might not be useful to the people you want to affect.

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  2. In my local library (oh bliss, living in town, actually library rather than books by mail) I see so many hunched over computers, reading news, etc. I do wonder if they are potential food bank users. I know they run out of food quite regularly here as the province inches closer to acknowledged bankruptcy (we’ve been bankrupt for quite a while). What a wonderful thing you’re doing!


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