DSCF9650 Emil had concrete notions of what he’d like to do with me to celebrate his 30th birthday.

First we went to the bakery. The Wadena Bakery is famous for its cream puffs, and I was surprised to see there were still some available when we got there. Still that’s not what he chose. He wanted a croissant, a huge thing such that the clerk asked if I’d like two forks. I knew better and besides, I had my eye on a jambuster.

His beard was full of cream before he was halfway through. I hate that scruffy F’in beard.

We also picked out some treats to bring home. I was overjoyed to see there was still half a pan of “lemonicious” squares (taste just like lemon pie!) and Emil quickly zeroed in on something chocolate. These were dessert after our supper of deep-fried chicken and leftover marinated macaroni salad.

We saved two lemonicious squares for dessert tonight.


Fortunately a napkin removed all appearance of whipped cream but now that I look at this photo, I’m thinking Eeeeew! there will still be bacteria growing in there!




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