Karen and Joan at the airport in Kelowna

I’ve been thinking about you and hoping all was going okay and wondering when you’d feel like updating your blog. Now you have: report from hell.

I’ll keep on thinking about you, there, making your way through this ordeal.


Now I see you are reading and commenting on blogs! Woo Hoo! That’s a good sign.


Wouldn’t it be nice if all the caring and best wishes everyone is sending your way could actually be felt and add up to making a huge improvement in your experience?


2 thoughts on “Saturday: DEAR SECRET AGENT WOMAN

  1. I hope Secret Agent Woman does get to feel the love!

    For the longest time I didn’t realize how deep the attachments were, to people I hadn’t met, but interacted with frequently over social media. Then Sarah passed away. I had only known her for a year, maybe two, but when she continued on her journey in another dimension, I felt such deep sense of loss, and grief. That is when I came to understand that love can grow wings, weave invisible blankets, it can go anywhere, and do anything… that is why it is the most powerful force on earth.

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