Oriental poppies and pink painted daisies

As you know, I try to post an entry every day. Even if there’s no excitement or depth, it keeps the “flow” going.
So here I am.

Mr Doodle woke me at 5 a.m. to let him out for a pee. Scott was up, soaking his hand in a pail containing epsom salt and water. A cut has gotten infected and his hand is red and swollen. A doctor prescribed an antibiotic yesterday.

I went back to bed and got up again a bit later, and the dog has been stuck to my feet all day, as if there is a thunderstorm. There isn’t, nor is one forecast, so we can’t figure out what’s got him upset. Granted, he can hear things in the distance that we cannot, but this has been going on for at least six hours and there’s no sign of a storm. Scott’s brother’s dogs were here, following the tractor; if there’s a thunderstorm in the offing, one of them is usually beside herself. (Before we bought this place, one day when no one was home at SouthForks, she ran over here — a mile by road — and forced her way past the former owners and into this house.) But she was acting normal today. Go figure.

Sorry, this entry has nothing to do with tiddly winks. You try coming up with a suitable title every day!

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