Joan and Gary are renting a furnished condo in downtown Kelowna since moving out of and selling their house. Gary wasn’t feeling well and was all tucked up under a blanket.

I did not know that anxiety can be a symptom of menopause. But that makes a lot of sense.

Been at least five years since I’ve had to think about menstruation, so I’m post-menopausal by now.

Nevertheless these symptoms probably stretch into the post-meno years for a while. Forever?

So fun.

Not complaining though. Feeling good, clothes all fit, the odd memory mixup and absentmindedness but more funny than worrisome. Seems normal and human.


Meant to work today as I’ve a deadline tomorrow, but haven’t been able to bring myself to sit in here for a whole hour yet. Too nice out. Was up at 8:30, sitting on the step with a puffy jacket on, having coffee. Rest of day coming in to cool off, going out to warm up.

20180609_133501 (2)

Cameroni Bumboni

Emil’s here, been phoning his dad and grandpa and wants to celebrate Father’s Day with Scott by buying takeout for supper.

A young pair of barn swallows is trying to build a nest behind the top ledge of the office window. There’s not much space there but they’re determined. Every time I open the window they fly out and hover there, chattering at me.

As soon as Emil’s finished his three o’clock RAIN OR SHINE snack, I’m going to bring out a kitten for him to see.

Sowed another packet of seeds last night into a large pot. I’d looked everywhere to buy bachelors button seeds and wondered why there weren’t any, as they’re common in seed stands. My nephew’s mother-in-law passed away recently and his wife, Karen said, had probably bought them all to give out in memory of her mom at the funeral. Happily for me, Karen had a package still in her purse and gave them to me. They’re among my favourites. (I have many favourites.)

After Mom died, my sister-in-law gave me a couple rose bushes to plant in memory of Mom. Whenever one of them blooms, I do think of Mom. Every single time. Gotta love that.




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