Dad < 80


After “The Scream” (Joan and Dad)

Dad will be 80 in January and we are pretty sure none of us will be inclined to travel across western Canada, what with snow and mountains and blizzards and cold and ice. So what are we going to do to mark this milestone birthday?

Dad doesn’t want a big do, but maybe a small family barbecue would be okay, he says. So … we went out one afternoon, bought him a tuxedo cake decorated with “Happy 80th,” served it up with ice cream after supper, and when he reminded us he’s still only 79, we pretended he’d forgotten today was his birthday … We know how it is with your memory now that you’re 80, Dad!

There is some talk of several of the gang spending a week or two on one of the Hawaiian islands. That will be a first. Joan and Gary have tried to get him to join them there before and he was having none of it. Sounds like he’s reconsidered and might actually go this time. There are supposed to be some super golf courses there. He’s been swayed.

In the course of the day he mentioned that he’d been on the golf course and shot under his age. None of us girls 20180606_143859thought much of it; he’s an excellent golfer, but only Joan’s husband is equally fanatical about playing the game. When Gary found out, he insisted it’s rare to shoot under your age (Dad shot 78, I believe) and it’s even more difficult to do as you get older. He looked up the stats online and yes indeedy, only one out of nine million golfers shoots under his or her age.

So whaddaya know. That guy; he’s good at everything he does.

In back-on-the-farm news, when it was feeding time for the cats I finally remembered to take a flashlight to search for the kittens born before I left. They were in a spot where I’d already looked: under a tarp leaning up against some straw bales in the barn.

Cosy as could be, there are four little orangies and I gave them all a wee cuddle. I pulled off an extremely swollen woodtick from above the eye of one of them. Gross. Good thing I had my gardening gloves on.

Their eyes are open and they’re starting to explore. Another week or two and they’d be too fast and wild to catch, just like their mother.



Now for the hello hugs! Note the two pairs of shoes in my hand so Joan won’t be tipped off when she enters.

Did you watch this last night? Loved it. Gonna write it on my calendar so I don’t forget it next Thursday.

Back in Time for Dinner

You can watch it online.

This week was the 1940s.  Can’t wait till the ’50s …

I love this — that you can watch the whole show online and … and … maybe even without those dratted commercials?

Let me know about that if you watch online. Just curious.






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